Welcome to Storafile

Storafile is an entrepreneurial records & information management company offering our clients quality, value adding services. We understand that records and the information they hold are assets in your business and should be treated as such.

We will assist you to transform your archived records into usable information. Through the use of data analytics and our ability to categorise your information into simple and accessible documents, our clients reap the benefits of increased efficiency and ultimately cut costs.

We offer a full suite of records management services, from the analyses and classification of your important documents, through to document scanning, offsite document storage, our cloud based document management portal and archiving stationery.

Our solutions are budget-friendly and our expertise is backed by a core team that has been working with organisations of all sizes for the past 20 years in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Benefits of document management

We have identified some of the most important benefits that a company will experience once an effective document management solution is implemented...


What to Consider when implementing a document management solution

By answering the following questions, it will allow you the opportunity to think about what will be important in your document management solution going forward, and what your needs are...


Important legislation affecting document management

Document management is more than being compliant, it is a duty of the company, its directors and management...